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Episode 002 – Sucker Punch

A fairly recent release at theaters has brought both the mainstream critics and the genre folks camping on different sides of no man’s land arguing whether the film was great or just a complete mess. The film is Sucker Punch written and directed by genre favorite Zack Snyder. Philip takes an in depth look into what the film pays homage to, focusing on such topics as anime, steam punk, comics, and video games. The film’s “everything but the kitchen sink” plot and visuals makes one hell of a ride, but more importantly, where did the elements displayed on hopefully an IMAX or 3D screen come from?

Most think it was Zack Snyder’s own reverence to “geek” culture but others think it was much more than that. Was it a silly mess with beautiful girls in skimpy outfits fighting everything from Daimajin samurais, horrific zombies, futuristic robots, and fantasy monsters or was it an overblown disaster where a great director goes off the rails? By the end of the podcast, fan of the film or not, one will have an appreciation of where the film draws its ideas and where to look for its inspiration.

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