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Episode 003 – Zombies Part One

The topic for this episode is Zombies with a capital Z. Zombies have overtaken the world’s culture, entering into our media just like a virus. Books, movies, video games, comics, and even podcasts have dedicated stories about zombies and their terror. Prior to 1968 zombies were known mostly as Haitian monsters created by voodoo or possibly ghoulish demonic forces, but in 1968 everything changes with an amateur director from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania named George A. Romero. His independently made film Night of the Living Dead shocked and captivated the horror world.

In today’s podcast, Gordon and Philip focus on the post-Romero zombie, the flesh eater, segwaying between the slow shambler to the fast kinetic monster. Talk of the zombie apocalypse brings about the discussion of what makes our societies tick and whether a zombie outbreak is really only a reflection of humanity itself.

Franchises focused on are the Romero sextet, Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake, the Resident Evil franchise, the 28 Days and Weeks films, zombie comedies also known as zomedies, and of course the Dan O’Bannon 1985 classic Return of the Living Dead. Shamble on over to your iPod and listen. Among some of the tastier tidbits we discuss is the fact that Richard Matheson, one of horror’s greatest authors, unknowingly planted a seed in the mind of this little known director from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who changed the horror genre forever.

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